Puppy Patch Boutique & Grooming Spa . . .   

The Boutique . . .   

     Fashion Jewelry, Charms, Designer Collars, Bows, Pearl Neckwear in a variety of colors are available for your selection.
     Pet Crates as well as Fashion Crate Covers, Strollers, Carriers, Travel Cases that are Airline approved, Sling Carriers and more.
     Fashion Pet Clothing from the Top designers, Dresses, Formal wear, Fashion Harnesses, Spring Dresses, Sweaters, Coats, Sports Clothing so your pet can show the same Team Spirit as you, Tee's and a lot more.
     Food & Water dishes in many styles & designs including sports themes as well. Travel or Hiking we have food & water containers for your pet's needs.
     You can also check out our selection of Easy On Mesh Harnesses, as well as our Easy On Fashion Harnesses. With our harnesses there is no pressure on your pet's neck & throat as you & your pet take your daily walk.
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