Grooming Packages

Studio Bath

* Starts with a warm massaging bath with Spa Hypoallergenic Oatmeal Shampoo which relieves dry, itchy and irritated skin.   

* Your pets coat will immediately become naturally radiant and nourished, restoring their coat to optimum health.   

* Then a Spa Nourish Vitamin Conditioner that builds body, adds luster and leaves coat shiny and manageable. 

 * Then dried, styled and fluffed. The ears are plucked if needed and cleaned which helps remove ear wax and reduce ear odors. This brings relief to itchy, irritated and greasy ears and it is alcohol free..   

* We don't want to forget the smile, so we will be brushing those teeth. This is a pampering session and your pet will receive a complimentary cologne spray and a Bow or Bandana for their Grand Exit home...

Studio Pamper


 * It also includes a trimming of the Face, Paws, and trim the "Sanitary Areas"...   

* Your choice of a nail clip or nail grind included in all packages.

Call: 407-656-2657 for pricing 

Here at the Puppy Patch we strive to make sure your pets grooming is a 

stress free experience.

Vaccination records must be provided at the time of service.

Studio Fabulous


* A Spa Facial Scrub with Blueberry Fresh Vanilla. This gentle lightly foaming facial cleanser soothes and balances the face coat. It has natural exfoliating activity that helps remove dirt and unsightly tear stains as well as stains around the mouth...     

* They recieve a full body hair cut and or shave. We add a Color Brightening Shampoo for an amazing shine. Next comes a Color Coat Conditioner to give that special glow to your pet's coat that compliments the hair color...   

* We save the best for last: Your pet receives a 10 minute Spa Massage. We use techniques to relax and stimulate body awareness. It is a soothing sensation of touch and the gentle manipulation of many muscles. This has many benefits including stress reduction, increased circulation, pain relief, increased movement and flexibility and a general sense of well being for your pet...